10 steps to manifest the perfect life


Many ancient texts and highly evolved spiritual teachers throughout the centuries have touted the secret of the universe as: “You become what you think about.”

Many ancient texts and highly evolved spiritual teachers throughout the centuries have touted the secret of the universe as: “You become what you think about.”

by John Koeberer — 

You can manifest the perfect life. By using consciousness accelerators such as love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and service, you can obtain a higher level of human consciousness. This higher level of consciousness raises your personal vibrational rate and creates harmony between you and the infinite power of the universe. It deeply and significantly enhances the power of the law of attraction and can bring you all you desire.

Many ancient texts and highly evolved spiritual teachers throughout the centuries have touted the secret of the universe as: “You become what you think about.” More recent teachings state that the secret of the universe is more about the emotional impact of “becoming what you are.” Living as if your wishes are already completely fulfilled creates an emotional impact that activates your endocrine system. This, in turn, activates your cellular biology, making the law of attraction a reality in your life.

Here are the 10 steps to get the manifestation process going:

1. Put the consciousness accelerators (love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and service) to work in your daily life. Additional consciousness accelerators are gratitude, humility, nonjudgment, contemplation, action, patience and adding value. Life is all about making the right choices. By basing your choices on these accelerators, your vibrational rate is raised and you advance higher on the scale of human consciousness. As you move up the scale, you gain the immense powers of manifestation.

2. Decide what you would like to have in your life to make it perfect. Is it the perfect relationship, career, health, home or income? Or is it simply an effortless way to experience life, wherein all your desires are spontaneously met, and joy, happiness and ecstasy surround you on a perpetual basis?

3. Find contemplative moments in which you can imagine living as if these wishes were already fulfilled. Begin to live your life as if they are already part of your world — your daily life.

4. Deeply feel the emotions of what it would be like having these wishes fulfilled. Experience the emotions of having perfect health, along with the vigor and new lifestyle that perfect health will give you. Deeply feel the experience of arriving at your new job after leaving your perfect home. Feel the excitement of coming home to your perfect mate. Feel what it might be like at every turn to be met with harmony and happiness in your life.

5. In contemplative moments, deeply internalize emotions. This creates heart resonance (that slight fluttering in your chest) that supercharges the endocrine system to send life-changing signals to your cells, which in turn activates the law of attraction.

6. Before falling to sleep or when you wake up during the night, hold the thought of what you desire in mind for at least 17 seconds. Reinforce your desires by using St. Germain’s “I am” statements, such as: I am perfect health, I am with the perfect mate, or I am perpetual happiness and joy. Great power emerges in programming your subconscious mind that will work throughout the night to ensure that your next day is better than the last.

7. At the end of it all, remember to just let go and let the universe handle the details. This is referred to as non-attachment. When you let your every desire go, you are letting go of the obsession to have all that you want. When you are obsessed with what you want, the universe through the law of attraction sends you more wanting. This is the value of using the “I am” affirmations.

8. Begin to notice the precursors that appear in your life and take action on them. It may be the perfect Internet course that is brought to your attention by a friend that is just the ticket to help you land that perfect job. Uncle Bill introduces you to his best friend’s daughter, who happens to be just the one you were looking for. The doctor who recently moved next door specializes in a new routine that solves one of your nagging health problems. The possibilities are endless, but you must act on these exciting precursors as they are presented to you. Know the universe is deliberately sending you these gifts, so take a moment to express your gratitude for them.

9. Add value to your pursuits. The universe responds to those who are willing to add value. You can do this by again adopting the consciousness accelerators. Make someone’s day by bringing some sunlight into it. Help someone who is in a difficult situation. Forgive a long-standing grudge and clear it out, restoring a relationship that will bring value to both of you. Adding value means giving something of value that you want for yourself. If you want love, give it. If you want kindness in your life, give it. If you want money, give it. Put a little extra in the tip jar. It will come back to you in so many ways.

10. If all else fails and you are just not making any progress, turn it over to the universe. The universe is the ultimate arbiter. When you appeal to its unlimited power, you appeal to the ultimate goodness and power that is its very essence. The universe may decide to send you some other signals and start you on a different path because what you wanted just was not right for you or was not reasonably possible in this lifetime.

So here is the bottom line. After you have applied the 10 steps, it is important to be patient. Gandhi said, “Infinite patience, immediate results.” While this sage advice may seem strange and contradictory, if you do the 10 steps regularly and practice patience through letting go, you will have the great pleasure of immediate results.

Know to your very core that the universe will deliver; then let it do its work for you and watch for those precursors. One of the most amazing results will be a shift in your desires from things more physical and aggrandizing to things a little higher on the scale of human consciousness.


John Koeberer is co-founder, CEO and president of The California Parks Co., a company serving the hospitality needs of visitors to state and national parks.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 33, Number 1, February/March 2014.

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