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An insomniac’s guide for getting back to sleep fast

July 29, 2015

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An insomniac’s guide for getting back to sleep fast by Diana Lang —  There are times in life when we just cannot sleep. We roll over and toss and turn, becoming wide awake but hoping to fall back to sleep again. Whether it be for short intermittent periods during stressful and challenging times, or long […]

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Yoga Therapy™ for Overcoming Insomnia

May 29, 2015

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Yoga Therapy™ for Overcoming Insomnia by Peter Van Houten, N.D. & Gyandev Rich McCord, Ph.D. — Yoga Therapy, a revolutionary new approach to working with some of the most common physical and mental ailments, combines yoga postures with conventional and alternative medical treatments to present a fresh, effective approach to healing. The book discusses types, […]

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Having trouble sleeping?

February 9, 2015

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Having trouble sleeping? by Joanne Henning Tedesco —  Are you one of the millions of people who lie awake watching the clock and wondering if sleep will ever come? For most people who suffer from insomnia, falling asleep is no guarantee that the night will be restful, according to sleep experts. Many insomniacs also have […]

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Insomnia from a Chinese medicine perspective

January 7, 2014

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by Christopher Vedeler —  Lack of sleep and bad sleep habits have become epidemic. In a society that elevates activity and over-achievement to a virtue, sleep often is viewed as a luxury or even wasted time. When was the last time you slept deeply, straight through the night, to awaken alert and refreshed? For most […]

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Secret formula to be happy and lean

August 18, 2013

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by Dr. Alan Christianson —  The secret formula to being happy and lean is 70-100 mg/dl — that is it. Now that you know the secret, here are more details. The numbers reflect the ideal range of your blood sugar. When there is too little, your brain and muscles cannot work at their best. When […]

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Food sensitivities and leaky gut

June 4, 2013

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by Dr. Denise Grobe —  Leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities may be the answer to many cause-unknown type illnesses. They may also explain many of the symptoms patients have that confound and confuse some conventional physicians. Our bodies’ responses to the foods we eat are an integral part of our overall health — they […]

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Easing insomnia naturally

June 3, 2013

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Easing insomnia naturally   by Maria Troia —  According to the Mayo Clinic, “Insomnia is a disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or both.” According to, this condition affects 30 to 50 percent of the general population. Additionally, up to 10 percent of them suffer from chronic […]

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PTSD — Post-traumatic stress disorder

May 9, 2013

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by Dr. Justin Petersen —  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following traumatic personal experiences or after witnessing a life-threatening event. Events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents or violent personal assaults like rape can induce PTSD. Simply put, PTSD creates a state in which memories […]

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The role of herbs throughout time

April 22, 2013

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by Joanne Henning Tedesco — Herbs have played a huge role in healing throughout the centuries, and one of the major contributors has been Egyptian medicine, which has provided some of the oldest documented remedies. From the 33rd century B.C. until the Persian invasion in 525 B.C., Egyptian medical practices were highly advanced for the […]

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The worst time to drink carbonated beverages

April 3, 2013

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by Joanne Henning Tedesco — If you are thirsty in the hours before bedtime, you want to drink milk, water or juice. Do not reach for a carbonated beverage or soda pop. According to a new study from the University of Arizona, soft drink consumption in the evening has been linked to troublesome acid reflux […]

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Imbibe sunshine for a natural high

December 21, 2012

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by Wayne Purdin —  What is it about the setting sun? We have all seen it countless times in movies, read about it in novels and, perhaps, experienced it in our own lives. Two lovers drink in a gorgeous sunset, then turn to gaze into each others’ eyes — the perfect moment for a first […]

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Chiropractic care during pregnancy

October 25, 2012

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by Dr. Dawn Tames —  Would you like to make your pregnancy and delivery more comfortable? Chiropractic care can help. It is a natural, drug-free, safe method of care, even for pregnant women. A doctor of chiropractic is thoroughly trained to understand the mechanical and neuromuscular changes that occur during the nine months of pregnancy, […]

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The truth about stress

October 8, 2012

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by Dr. Barbara Hare —  Stress is the body’s alarm system. It is a physiological reaction to a threat in the environment. You might be familiar with the term “fight-or-flight response,” which means that when confronted with a threat, the brain instantaneously triggers a release of stress hormones, which in turn create a series of […]

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