The face of love

It is because the face itself, even without expressions, offers countless depths of information about your potential lover’s character.

by Julie Cox — 

More and more people are trying to find love through matchmaking sites on the Internet, but the real attraction begins when they have their first face-to-face meeting. The magnetism between two faces cannot be duplicated through any other means. Why is that?

It is because the face itself, even without expressions, offers countless depths of information about your potential lover’s character. Add expressions to the mix, and you will not have to apply that costly trial-and-error method of finding out who the person really is.

The ancient Chinese art of face reading, known as physiognomy, has been practiced in many forms throughout the ages. According to the original Chinese school of thought, facial characteristics reveal a person’s entire history, personality and destiny. An expert in face reading will never mistake the honest for the immoral or the loved for the unloved.

What each face reveals is there for the world to see. In the face lie those individual traits that are so necessary to know about someone we might love. Hundreds of features can be read on the face, and we will discuss some of the easy-to-read ones.

Shape of the face

The shape of the face says something about the general character of a person. To determine the shape of someone’s face as you are looking at them, imagine one of the shapes described below and overlay an image of that shape on their face. You will easily begin to recognize these shapes as you practice.

A round face belongs to an easy-going, good-natured individual who loves the comforts of life, physical comforts, the touch and feel of things, and good food. People with round faces, generally speaking, are good lovers because they are very concerned with the feelings and emotions of others.

A square face reflects a strong, firm character and maybe a temper. People with this shape are usually leaders and fighters. You will usually see this face shape in sports and law enforcement. They are candid in both business and love, and have strong desires for success.

An oblong face (or oval) belongs to a lover who will be a success in life. This shape is often seen among those in positions of power. People with an oval face shape are strong personalities, and often have an attitude that they deserve the best.

The eyes have it

You may have heard the expression that the eyes are the window to the soul. That is because they are the most telling feature on a person’s face. Eye contact says far more than words can ever say. Whether or not you have studied face reading, you are well aware of that indescribable something that passes between two people’s eyes when they meet.

One of the first things you may notice when looking at the eyes, is the gaze of your lover. A controlled (steady) gaze is ideal. Shifty or unsteady gazes indicate a person who needs to develop more dependability. They need to direct their inner energy toward more constructive uses and to avoid impulsive actions, especially against others.

The size of the eyes reveal emotional openness. Large eyes mean that your lover is very sensitive. The larger the eyes, the more sensitive he or she is. Small eyes indicate steadiness in your lover.

When you look at someone’s eyes, you can determine if the person has the same general outlook on life as you have by noticing if the eyes are set close together or wide apart. Think of the average distance between eyes as the length of one eye. People with close eyes tend to be very exact in their lives. They focus on the details in order to draw conclusions. In the extreme, these can be people who are narrow-minded.

In general, people with widely spaced eyes tend to be more broad-minded. They belong to a person with the capacity to dramatically expand his or her horizons without too much effort. In the extreme, they can be very spacey and will forget details.


Lips reveal your potential lover’s sensuality. People with thinner lips tend to get right to the point. Do not expect a lot of extra love play from this person. When he or she says, “I love you,” it has meaning! They get to the point in conversation and bed.

People with thick lips (upper and lower) are more giving of self. They are generous and they listen as well as talk. They will take time in love and in bed.

No matter whose face you are reading, whether it is your potential lover’s, a stranger’s or a friend’s — remember to keep these points in mind. No matter what you see on a face, its owner wants to feel loved and worthwhile. Also, everyone wants and needs to feel important.

So when you greet someone, especially for the first time, look them in the eye and pay attention. Your attentiveness will show up as magnetism and will draw the other person toward you.

Love is an irresistible force. True love will walk in and you will recognize it — not through the Internet, but by a face-to-face encounter. By using the face reading techniques described here, you will surprise yourself with your growing ability to express your own love, to avoid mistakes and to find your perfect match.


Julie Cox is an expert in the art of face reading and the author of Beginning Face Reading, Reading the Face of a Child and Hiring Right With Face Reading., or 866-800-3223.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 4, August/September 2007.

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