The USA and its astrological chart: What’s up, Uncle Sam?

The branch of astrology that deals with the fate of nations is called “mundane astrology,” and it is still alive and well.

by Gabriella von Elekes — 

Once upon a time there was an empire ruled by a king who had a queen, a cabinet and a pope or a cardinal — in other words: the works. The court astrologer with his astrolabe, logarithm and horoscope was part of the “in” group.

The branch of astrology that deals with the fate of nations is called “mundane astrology,” and it is still alive and well.

The United States was “born” on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, and its birth time is considered to be when the Declaration of Independence was signed. By analyzing historical facts, astrologers “rectify” a birth time, similar to playing with a Rubik’s Cube: one twists and turns the horoscope until everything fits.

The most widely used birth time for the U.S. is the “Sibley Chart” named after Dr. Ebenezer Sibley, who lived in the 1700s and was a Freemason and an astrologer. According to his calculations, which were matched to political events, the Declaration of Independence was signed at 5:10 p.m., Philadelphia time.

The symbol of Pluto (whether one now calls it a planet or not) is that of deep transformation. Pluto’s orbit around the Sun takes about 248 years and, when it resumes its original position, it is called a “return.” Its duration in a sign varies according to how far it is from Earth.

Pluto journeyed through the following signs in the last 100 years:

1882-1914, Pluto in Gemini: Air Sign — intellectual ideas, many great writers, airplanes, cars, psychoanalysis, Einstein’s theories, Eiffel Tower.

1912-1939, Pluto in Cancer: Water Sign — blind patriotism, depression, everyone was caring for one another, “a penny saved is a penny earned” generation.

1938-1957, Pluto in Leo: Fire Sign — perpetual children, finding the child within, terrorism, decolonization of the Philippines, India and Indonesia finding their own power, selfishness, wanting to be datable even at 80, afraid of aging, age of self propaganda, television and entertainment flourished, as did industrial conglomerates.

1957-1972, Pluto in Virgo: Earth Sign — the vitamin generation, holistic healing, computers, moon landing, drugs — legal or otherwise.

1971-1984, Pluto in Libra: Air Sign — divorce escalates, marriage and laws changed, new abortion laws, “beautiful people,” “supermodels,” Watergate.

1984-1996, Pluto in Scorpio: Water Sign — concentrated power for either good or really bad, child sexual abuse brought to light, children can be brilliant or destructive, AIDS epidemic, gay bashing, Berlin Wall comes down, the “New Age” movement.

1996-2008, Pluto in Sagittarius: Fire Sign — freedom of ideas, back-to-nature movement, battle of belief systems, which one is the “right one” to take you to God faster, excesses in everything, the Soviet Union falls apart.

2009-2024, Pluto in Capricorn: Earth Sign — big enterprise, ambition, tradition, connection to the land and being in charge of its freedom; all are befitting descriptions of the USA.

Pluto moves into Capricorn on January 25, 2008, and it will leave the sign on November 19, 2024, not returning to the same position for another 248 years. It is during this time in history that the country will experience its deepest transformation.

Transformation started on September 11, 2001. Astrologically speaking, it was that day when transiting Pluto in Sagittarius (belief systems) came out of the chart’s 12th house (which signifies karma and hidden enemies) into the open, and conjuncted the Ascendant. (Of course, there were many other happenings that day as well.)

What needs to be transformed? History tends to repeat itself, so we need to refresh our memories: what events took place about 240 years ago? (The United States’ Pluto is 27 degrees of Capricorn, so the exact return is not expected until 2024. However, during its journey it will touch other significant points in the chart, heralding the need for change and revision along the way. A planet does not “cause” anything; it is used as a timer of events. Horoskopos in Greek means the “watcher of the hour.”)

These were the events surrounding the time of the birth of the United States: Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, U.S. Army created, Stamp Act, Declaration of Independence.

Today, there are more and more British entertainers in the movie industry: the British are coming back! Corporate executives, congressmen and famous people who break the law are made accountable. Curfews are being imposed, there are land security and border issues, and we need to economize in order to save the planet. The housing market is suffering and taxes will be revised. Taxes will come under scrutiny as will the government itself. Does it sound familiar? Just wait and see!

By reader request

Question: Cecilia C. asked: I read astrological columns and your articles, but I have never met an astrologer. Are there any others besides you in Arizona?

Answer: Arizona is an Aquarius state: incorporated on February 14, 1912. As such, it attracts and is home to many diverse, unique individuals, schools and practitioners, among them astrologers.

The largest and oldest astrological association (over 30 years old) is the Arizona Society of Astrologers, right here in Scottsdale. At the monthly meetings, you will find local astrologers, world-famous guest speakers, novices and non-astrologers as well. Check out their Web site,, for many interesting articles, or contact Charlotte Benson at 602-952-1525. Additionally, the American Federation of Astrologers has its headquarters in Tempe, Ariz. Good Luck.


Gabriella von Elekes is a professional astrologer who teaches and provides consultations and workshops. She is past president of the Arizona Society of Astrologers. or 888-884-4462.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 5, October/November 2007.

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