Treating pain naturally

Pain is an indicator that something is going wrong with your body, and it usually involves inflammation.

by Victoria Bowmann — 

Pain is an all-consuming feeling — even when it is minor and especially when you are the one experiencing the pain. Worse still is severe or chronic pain that stems from kidney stones, cancer or any other debilitating illness. Consider yourself fortunate if you never have to experience such serious suffering. The bottom line is — whether you have back pain or sciatic pain, a nagging headache, plantar fasciitis or gut pain — when it hurts, it hurts.

Pain is an indicator that something is going wrong with your body, and it usually involves inflammation. Many ways exist to treat pain, with the most common being NSAIDS (over-the-counter pain medications). However, nearly all of these have side effects that can cause stress or damage to the liver or kidneys. Continued use can create even more severe problems.

The holistic approach often involves looking for a different kind of solution that entails getting to the root of the problem, instead of just masking the symptoms, by finding relief and then achieving resolution. The long-term goal is to bring freedom of movement to the skeletal structure and muscles of the body, as well as optimal health to the internal organs.

The good news is that treatments for acute or chronic pain are available. These range from muscle release therapy, stretching and yoga, to ice or heat therapy, castor oil packs and even simple rest. Additionally, low-level light lasers are now available over-the-counter. When combined with electrical stimulation (e-stem), which is similar to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), pain relief can be achieved in minutes. Keep in mind that while chronic pain can be aided by many of these therapies, consistency will be a factor if the problem has been present for longer than three months.

Whichever modality you choose, make it an educated choice. Do your research and interview several holistic practitioners. Nagging pain reduces the joy of living; so seek a solution that treats the cause for the long-term and offers the greatest probability of success.


Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D., is a licensed massage practitioner specializing in cleansing and detoxification. She has been in practice in northeast Phoenix since 1978., or 602-971-8392.


Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 31, Number 4, August/September 2012.

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