Trust Spirit and see what you get back

You can form a relationship with the world that stems from your connection with Spirit.

by Rochelle Sparrow — 

Interactions with Spirit sometimes imitate the art of qi gong, where students learn large body movements before they learn to make smaller and smaller precision movements. Distrust, doubt and confusion often make our interactions with Spirit large, awkward and inefficient. However, with practice in the counterpoint energies of trust, belief and clarity, we can learn to directly connect with Spirit.

How do you know if you are connected with Spirit? You know when you recognize that your belief in your connection is stronger than the supposed external reality. You know when your conversation, life direction and openness turn inward rather than outward.

You can form a relationship with the world that stems from your connection with Spirit. By following the language of Spirit, you can reinforce your belief in the inner reality of oneness in which we all share.

It is this inward language with a source greater than yourself — call it intuition, knowing or your sense of God — that becomes the container to hold all of your experience. Through this practiced belief in your “container,” you can bring your energy out into the world.

Here’s an experiment — each morning, give yourself the assignment of trusting in the security of your abundance and safety. With an air of excitement, expectation, gratitude and joy, look outward into the world just to see what happens from your inward trust in a greater reality. Note small synchronicities, those messages from Spirit that affirm and validate your inward experience.

Here’s an example — a beautiful little girl was playing on a San Diego beach. Taking a dime leftover from the concession stand she said, “I am going to put it right over there, on a rock, for another little boy or girl to find.” As she carefully picked out a prominent rock, she was mindful of how she placed the dime. Examining it this way and that, she was soon satisfied and let it be.

The day at the beach ended, and on the way back to the car, the wind was blowing. But, in the little girl’s path, staying put as though it were weighted down, was a $20 bill. The joy and grace the girl had sincerely put out to the Universe was returned, many times over.

How interesting would it be to place your sincere energies of your intent and feelings out into the Universe, just to see what happens?


Rochelle Sparrow, a psychic trance channel who does individual, couples and group sessions in Phoenix, is an author, has online classes, hosts the Rochelle Sparrow Connection Radio Show and is a producer with Spirit Productions in association with Peter Coyote. 602-430-6447 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 4, August/September 2006.

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