Using far infrared for detoxification

February 23, 2012

Detox, Healing

by Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D. — 

The sun naturally produces far infrared rays. As well as emitting the visible rays with which we discriminate colors in the spectrum, the sun also emits invisible rays. One of the invisible rays is the far infrared ray, which is beyond red in the spectrum. These rays have attracted the attention of researchers because of their marvelous effects on humans.

Ceramic is the ultimate material used to store far infrared rays, which penetrate the body and heat it from the inside out. There are also vibrational infrared rays (not heat), which are emitted from a natural bio-energy material.

Heat is spread outwardly through conduction in the bones and convection in tissue fluids. Since toxins move away from heat, this form of heat drives toxins out of the bones for release through the urine, stool and skin.

This growing warmth (conduction and convection) dilates blood vessels and fine capillaries to improve circulation, thus facilitating the removal of impurities and the influx of nutrients. When far infrared radiation strikes molecules, the vibration of these molecules becomes more intense, creates a resonant effect throughout the body and leads to increased energy. These far infrared applications are available either dry (sauna) or wet (bath). The dry application of far infrared should be avoided by those who have any heart condition or who are taking blood pressure medication.

The far infrared spa bath is a very comprehensive treatment. It includes the natural ultrasound, negative ions and ozone from ambient air. This wet application is safe for those with heart concerns, although the time of immersion needs monitoring.

These methods, when combined with other treatments, such as colon hydrotherapy or lymphatic drainage, increase the effectiveness of cleansing. In fact, it more than doubles the benefit, as there is a detoxification synergy between the far infrared and the corresponding treatment.


Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D., is a licensed massage practitioner specializing in cleansing and detoxification. She has been in private practice in northeast Phoenix since 1978. or 602-971-8392.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 5, Oct/Nov 2011.

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