What in the world is going on?

As our old structures break down, we may need the physical support of herbs, minerals, vitamins or structured water to release the toxins or byproducts of catabolism that are building up.

by Mary Bell — 

Many changes are happening in our world. We see it in the outside world, as the stock market changes, businesses fail and layoffs occur. We are also experiencing internal changes, whether we recognize it or not. Old form is falling away as new form is being created.

Metaphysically, we are all undergoing momentous changes, a shift in consciousness, an expansion through which we are experiencing our world and our lives in a new way. This new way allows, even demands, that we consider the good of all in our decisions and in our lives. We are moving from a state of self-consciousness to what is called unity consciousness. During this transition, we are undergoing great changes, although we may not fully understand them or know what they mean.

Changes like the ones we are seeing in our outer world are also going on inside our bodies. The old form we used to know as ourselves is dissolving, and a new level of understanding or perception is taking its place. The result may be a loss of a sense of self that can be terrifying, if we do not understand what is happening. We may feel disoriented, experience lapses in time, or have difficulty concentrating or remembering things. We may have crying spells for no apparent reason, or find ourselves reviewing issues we thought we had dealt with long ago.

As the body cleanses physically, we may experience a variety of symptoms that are not only uncomfortable, but may mimic a disease process. We may wonder if we are losing it, developing a serious disease or if we are going to die.

A death of sorts is occurring —the death of old consciousness. Because death is so greatly misunderstood in our culture, we fear it and resist it. The same is true of this process, until we come to understand that there really is no death, only transformation from one state to another. The good news is that right underneath that which is falling away lies something else: our Real Self. It will emerge after we have dealt with all of our fears and have released all that is false.

On a spiritual level, we are embodying a bigger sense of ourselves. We are much more than our physical bodies, but to understand this, we must experience it. As we do so, we begin to see reality from a larger perspective. We are not distinct and separate entities, but part of a larger collective consciousness. We are that consciousness in physical form.

From this larger perspective, we see that everything depends on everything else — and that in making selfish decisions that have a positive effect on us, but affect others negatively, we will only wind up destroying ourselves.

On the physical level, many symptoms may occur as the body physically dissolves the old form. Emotional states also may be deepened and exaggerated. We may experience changes in perception of time, while memory may be fading. So what will assist us during this process of change?

The first thing is to rest assured in our understanding of what is really happening and to reframe our experience. We are not sick, we are transforming. We are not losing ourselves, we are gaining more of ourselves.

The second step is to surrender to the process and get help to deal with the symptoms from holistic and spiritual practitioners who also understand the reality of what is happening.

As our old structures break down, we may need the physical support of herbs, minerals, vitamins or structured water to release the toxins or byproducts of catabolism that are building up. We may need to change our diets or take different nutritional supplements to support our new energy levels. We may require energy work or psychotherapy to deal with the emotional or spiritual issues that have surfaced.

As each change occurs universally, we must integrate it personally through the different levels of our energy fields, or else the process may become a difficult one in which we experience suffering. The restructuring and release of cellular debris on the physical level can facilitate immediate relief and balance in the body. Exaggerated emotional states can be released quite quickly and easily through the unitive process of finding the root and healing it across time. On the mental level, certain thought forms which are holding us back may need to be recognized and cleared.

We are experiencing a shift in consciousness. We might as well surrender to it, because it is happening.


Mary Bell, R.N.C., is a spiritual healer, author, teacher and channel. She has a background in O.B. nursing, has studied bioenergetic analysis and is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. www.foundationforunity.com or 480-247-7263.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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