Vampires live among us

When we use our life force to stuff our feelings, we leave ourselves open for psychic vampire attacks.

by David Berger — 

Apologies for this startling news flash: Vampires live among us. The ones to which I am referring are subtle in their horror, but nevertheless can exhaust our life force, just like the fictional ones do in “True Blood” and “Twilight.” In the physical form, vampires are not the horrible creatures you see in the movies, yet these sly creatures can drain you — often you won’t even know it happened.  And although you might want to drench these dreadful beings in holy water, or worse, dissolve them into oblivion, the reality is that the former may not work and the latter — doing away with someone — is very much against the law.

Vampires can be everywhere. They can be serving you coffee or sitting next to you as you read this article. They can be family, friends, acquaintances and even the pizza delivery person. They are everyday people. But they can only cross your threshold if you let them, by giving  your permission — spoken or unspoken. If they are allowed in, however, there will be signs that these entities are feeding on you, even without the overt puncture wounds on your neck.

So the questions are: Can you survive your wounds? Can we end the vampire mind control? The answer is as unshakeable as Vlad’s own castle — yes!

But first you have to understand the symptoms of vampirism. These include feeling groggy or a little spacy, tightness in the throat or a stiff neck, or perhaps low back pain while you are in the presence of these blood suckers. Notice when the phone rings and you check the caller I.D., are you uplifted or does it feel like the kiss of death coming for you from the other end? Do you feel a grey cloud of gloom blanketing your soul? If you do, you have been bitten by a vampire.

Your body will give you clues to get away, but your brain does not propel you to action because it is processing unreleased energies and feelings of the past — as well as your projections into the future.

When we use our life force to stuff our feelings, we leave ourselves open for psychic vampire attacks. We then become our own energetic vampires — we let the life drain out of ourselves because we do not know how to release those feelings of the past; we exhaust ourselves “trying.”

Being aware of our feelings and managing them is the key. By knowing our feelings and ourselves, we know others. It’s that simple. When we become keenly aware, we can properly discern who to allow through our threshold. It’s when we can put a sign on our door: “No Vampires Allowed.”


David Berger is an intuitive facilitator and author of Cough It Up N.O.W. or 480-513-7631.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number  5, Oct/Nov 2009.

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