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Consumers are duped when it comes to pet food. Many blindly buy products on the grocery store shelves, never looking at the ingredients.

Consumers are duped when it comes to pet food. Many blindly buy products on the grocery store shelves, never looking at the ingredients.

by Debbie Williams — 

Our wonderful, loyal, furry friends give us years of enjoyment and companionship; however, they can leave us way too soon. Kittens and puppies are mischievous, playful and full of energy. The elderly dog’s tail still wags, but its body does not move so well anymore. Pets seem to give us much more than we give them, and we can learn many lessons from them. So how can we keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible, while avoiding those high vet bills?

Our pets’ immune systems are critical to their health. They can suffer from many of the same ailments we do — diabetes, cancer, tumors, hip issues, allergies, obesity, arthritis and more. Their immune systems are taxed just like ours by polluted air and toxins from pharmaceuticals.

The American culture has a food obsession, which is reflected in how we communicate and love our pets. Obesity in pets is a growing problem, just as it is in adults and children.


How much money do we spend on pet health?

The ASPCA did a study on the average cost of owning a dog or a cat. Here is a more detailed breakdown:

  • Small dog — $1,314 the first year, $580 per year after
  • Medium dog — $1,580 the first year, $695 per year after
  • Large dog — $1,843 the first year, $875 per year after
  • Cat — $1,035 the first year, $670 per year after

Is there a supplement that could save you money on your pet’s vet bills each year? The answer is “yes.”

Consumers are duped when it comes to pet food. Many blindly buy products on the grocery store shelves, never looking at the ingredients. We should trust the manufacturers, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, sugar is put into pet treats.

Our furry friends love sugar as much as we do, but it wreaks havoc on their health and, in turn, costs you money in medication and health care. During my childhood, I rarely heard about friends’ pets having diabetes. Today, I know people who rush home to give their dog an insulin shot. The next time you see that wagging tail and beautiful face, think carrots or apples instead of a manufactured doggie treat.

The natural way to help your pet’s immune system stay as strong as it can be is to use beta glucan. Many people think beta glucan is something you take when sick. Ideally, you want to take it when healthy to stay healthy.


What is beta glucan?

Beta glucan is a polysaccharide that can be found naturally in seaweed, Japanese mushrooms, grains and the walls of baker’s yeast. One study shows that the insoluble yeast-derived beta glucan has a superior ability to modulate the immune system. Not all beta glucans are created equally — buyer beware, as many commercial brands are worthless because they use inferior quality beta glucan that shows little, if any, immune response.



• My 14-year-old dog, a Shih Tzu, has a tumor growing out of his leg. I was going to put him down a week ago when a friend of mine told me about beta glucan. The tumor was red, infected and growing. I put the beta glucan lotion on his tumor and wrapped it up. Six days later when I removed the dressing, I was astonished to see the tumor was black and dry, no longer infected and had reduced by at least 25 percent in size. The lotion was eradicating the tumor.

Another change I have noticed is in his eyes. He had the old dog eyes — cloudy (perhaps from cataracts). His eyes are now bright and clear after only one week. His energy and his sex drive are back. He has been chasing after my other Shih Tzu, who is in heat, around the house. It is so fun to have him back. — Julie in Arizona

• Bella, my seven pound, 2-1/2 year-old Shih Tzu, was attacked by three or four dogs. The prognosis was not good. Bella could not stand up, refused to eat and was covered with puncture wounds. The veterinarian was uncertain as to her survival and said that she most certainly suffered brain trauma.

I broke open capsules of the highly purified beta glucan, resveratrol and vitamin C, mixed it with tuna juice drained from a can and forced it down her throat with a large syringe. I also used a beta glucan topical lotion on her body, as it appeared almost sunburned from the bites. Within hours, the redness went away. I was astonished. The wounds healed quickly; within days, Bella was standing up and made a full recovery. Update: Bella is now the proud mother of a litter of three puppies. — S.B.

• I have two dogs, a 4-year-old and a 14-year-old. The older dog had a bad odor to his urine and was showing signs of arthritis. My younger dog was always licking one of his front legs. The vet said it was just a nervous habit. He was a little high strung also. About three weeks ago, I started splitting one capsule of the highly purified beta 1,3-d glucan, resveratrol and vitamin C between them daily. I mixed it in a teaspoon of unsweetened applesauce.

After the first week, my older dog’s urine odor was gone; after two weeks the arthritis symptoms were gone. My younger dog became calm and stopped licking his leg. Yesterday, the older dog went for his annual check-up and shots, and the vet said it was hard to believe he is almost 14 and still acts like a young dog. An amazing compound — it helps every living thing. — K.W.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant or lactating, consult a physician before using.


Debbie Williams is an immune health coach. For more information on how to get the number-one beta glucan, contact Debbie at debphoenixryl@gmail.com or 623-444-0557.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 33, Number 1, February/March 2014.


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